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ZGR Imports is an importing and distribution company based in Dana Point, California. We are here to bring the culture of Le Marche [mar-kay], Italy, to the United States. Marche is a region rich in culture and production. It's people craft everything from fine wine and foods to leather goods and beauty products. Here you will find a slew of beach towns, mountain and hilltop villages, medieval cities, ancient monuments and thousands of family farms and factories all in between. Our goal is to connect consumers with quality products that reflect the people and the place they are sourced from.

The story starts in 2011, when owner Jonathan Zeiger traveled to the Marche for the first time to work at Lavanda Blu, a lavender farm and agriturismo, earning his keep in exchange for farm work. Not knowing a soul and unable to speak the language, this was quite an adventure for a young graduate to embark on. "I knew I wanted to work in the wine industry, and something about this place was just calling to me", recalls Jonathan.

Le Marche - Italy in a Region



It was soon thereafter that, while out restocking wine for the farm, Jonathan was introduced to Giacomo Centanni, the young winemaker of Centanni Vini di Famiglia [chen-tawny]. They chatted for a while, and eventually Giacomo offered Jonathan the opportunity to become the U.S. importer for Centanni. Thus were the roots of ZGR planted and the company's journey across the region began. 

Try our boutique wines that are enjoyed by both local families and traveling excursionists! Connect with the culture of beautiful Marche, this distillation of Italy, through ZGR. To learn more about the region, sign up for our monthly newsletter!


Interested in visiting Marche? Contact us for information about traveling to the region. Our suppliers have wonderful Bed & Breakfast accommodations that we'd be happy to arrange for you. Imagine yourself sleeping amongst the vines of Centanni or the lavender fields of Lavanda Blu. If it fancies you, we can help you find winery and gastronomic tours, truffle hunting, hiking, or just a place for relaxing in the sun, plus a multitude of other activities! Pristine beaches, rolling hills, cascading mountains - Marche has it all! We guarantee you will fall in love, as our founder did on his first journey. Contact us at info@zgrimports.com for more information.