Tenute Rio Maggio

Graziano Santucci had a vision - he dreamed of owning a parcel of land so that he could produce wines and olive oils that truly express the soul of his home. It was from this dream that Graziano was able to find what he was seeking, a hillside property in his hometown of Montegranaro.

As he began in 1976, nobody thought the area was anything noteworthy, most of the workers going off to work in the shoe factories or farms in other villages. Graziano knew he had found something special. He loved his land, the vines, the fruit and olive trees, the soil, everything. Graziano had a deep connection with this patch of earth, a connection that he wanted to be sure was never lost.

When Graziano passed in 1993, he left his hillside to his son and new daughter-in-law, Simone and Tiziana. They felt the connection, as Graziano had, and decided it was time to take it to the next step. Simone, then a young and ambitious marchigiano, saw more and more of his father’s vision as he looked over his family’s property. With Tiziana by his side, as ambitious as her husband, Simone set out for his father's vision: to craft wines that express the soul of the land, wines of terroir.


                                                        Today, thanks to the spearheading efforts of Graziano, the area surrounding Montegranaro is known for its richness in agriculture, and many of the jobs that were once lost to the factories have come back to the farms. Now there is a thriving local economy. Simone continues the family tradition of stewardship, a tradition he is teaching to his daughter Alessia, who follows in her father's footsteps.